• The mission of the Curriculum and Instruction department is to ensure implementation of research-based curriculum and instructional strategies, development of capacity to deliver instruction through relevant, rigorous, and engaging learning experiences; and the alignment of departmental and district structures (policies, procedures, practices) in an effective and efficient system.


    Department Responsibilities

    Curriculum and Instruction supervision, management, and facilitation

    • Curriculum Review and Revision Process (Six Year Review Cycle, Quality Curriculum Council, Board Approval),
    • Grade Level Expectations /Course Level Expectations Alignment and PreK-12 Articulation – Communication Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
    • Grade Level Expectations/National Standards Alignment and PreK-12 Articulation (Communication Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies , Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, Physical Education, Health, Career and Technical Education, ELL, Family and Consumer Science, Technology, Guidance)
    • Curriculum Materials Adoption Process
    • MSIP Program Evaluation Process (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Title I, Gifted and Talented, Health/Physical Education, Business, A+, Early Childhood Education, Parents As Teachers, Communication Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science)
    • Administrative Professional Development/ Improvement Planning
    • Instructional Improvement
    • Summer Academy Curriculum and Program
    • Early Childhood Center Curriculum and Program
    • English Language Learners Curriculum and Program
    • Extended Day Program

    State and Federal Programs supervision, management, and facilitation

    • School Improvement – No Child Left Behind
    • Missouri School Improvement Program, Comprehensive School Improvement Program
    • Library and Media Services
    • Title I – Schoolwide Program
    • Title III – English Language Learners
    • Career and Technical Education (Career and Technical Education courses, Perkins Grant, Career Placement, Dual Credit Partnerships)
    • Advanced Course Curriculum (Advanced Placement and Annual Performance Review alignment)
    • Gifted and Talented Program
    • MSIP Staff/Parent/Community Engagement and Partnerships

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    Dr. Mike LaChance
    Assistant Superintendent
    Curriculum and Instruction
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    Dr. Michael Dragoni
    Instructional Facilitator
    Gifted and STEAM Education
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    Stephanie Opela
    Instructional Facilitator
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    Office Professional
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