• The mission of the Department of Data, Assessment, and Interventions is to facilitate the design and administration of effective formative and summative assessment tools, access to data from a variety of assessment tools to evaluate progress, and utilization of data to inform instructional and organizational decision making.

    Department Responsibilities
    • Data, Assessment, and Interventions responsibilities include:
    • State Assessments Coordination and Administration– (MAP/EOC, WIDA)
    • Progress Monitoring – (Tungsten, Curriculum Based Assessments, Explore, PLAN, ACT, AIMSWeb)
    • Data Management Systems – (Just 5 Clicks, AIMSWeb, eSchool, Tungsten, BYOC/BYOA, PBS)
    • Response To Intervention (RTI) Processes and Programs (RTI Committee, Student Study Teams)
    • Response To Intervention Materials Adoption and Management
    • Student, Staff, Parent Data Gathering and Analysis (Surveys, Advanced Questionnaire)
    • MSIP Program Evaluations: Assessment Plan, Guidance, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Climate
    • Transitions Processes, Transitions Committee and Transitions Parent/Community Advisory
    • Data Analysis/Tracking (MAP, EOC, MAP-A, DRA, WIDA, PBS, Tungsten, DIAL 3, Attendance, Social Work/Guidance, Intervention Groups, SST, Extended Day, Graduation, Subgroup Achievement and Demographics)

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