Ritenour Center for Gifted Education

  • Ritenour Center for Gifted Education Ritenour's Gifted Education program is available for academically talented students at the elementary and middle school levels. It is intended to further challenge, motivate and stimulate students in selected core academic areas. Students receive Gifted instruction in addition to regular classroom lessons.

    What is the Ritenour Center for Gifted Education?
    Ritenour has a dedicated full-day center program to offer gifted students more time with their peers and teachers. In the full-day center structure, all elementary students in the gifted program attend classes one day a week at the Ritenour Center for Gifted Education, located at Ritenour Middle School.

    How does it work?
    One day each week, elementary school students will arrive at their home school in the morning and then take a bus to the gifted center for their school day. They will return to their home school at the end of the day for dismissal. Students will be with gifted students in their grade level from other Ritenour elementary schools at the center, giving them the chance to develop new friendships with peers they otherwise would not meet until middle school. For the remainder of the week they will attend regular classes at their home elementary school.

    What about middle school students?
    Gifted classes at Hoech Middle School and Ritenour Middle School will take place during social studies time, allowing middle school gifted teachers the ability to teach social studies while incorporating other subjects, such as science and mathematics. Students will take on more hands-on projects, utilizing Makerspace facilities to design and create complex projects.