• Welcome to the Ritenour Employee Benefits website. Here you will find information about medical plans, life insurance and retirement options through Ritenour. Open Enrollment takes place every year in August so all employees can review their benefits and make changes. Use the Enrollment for New Hires & Life Changing Events button any time of the year to add dependents during a qualified life event (such as a marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or a change in your spouse's employment status that affects benefits eligibility). Use this website to stay informed about your benefit options as a Ritenour employee.
    For any questions, please contact Bonnie Lessnau, Payroll & Benefits Specialist, at ext 8122, 493-6011, or lessnaub@ritenourschools.org
    Enrollment for new hires and life changing events
     Enrollment - Portal ID: 96573
    Before you enroll, you will need to know: 
    • Your Employee ID number: You will use this six digit number as your Login User ID on the EasyEnroll Website.
      How to find your Employee ID number:
      • Login to Self Service (this is your network user ID and password)
      • Select the Self Service option
      • Select View Paycheck
      • You will find your employee ID number under the General Information section of your paycheck.
    • The Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number: You will use this number as your Easy Enroll password.
      Note: If you have previously logged into EasyEnroll in the last 6 months or so, you have already created a new username and password in their new, more-secure, multi-authentication system.  Therefore, you should use that new info and not your employee ID and last 4 digits of your social security number. 
    • Benefit Elections: Medical, Dental, Vision and Life choices
    • Dependent/Beneficiary Information:
      • Full name
      • Relationship
      • Social Security Number(s)
      • Date(s) of Birth
    Please review the EasyEnroll Instructions before beginning the enrollment process. 
    Click below to view:
    2019 Open Enrollment Benefit Memo
    Benefits Summary (page 12 of Open Enrollment Memo)
    Insurance Premiums (page 13 of Open Enrollment Memo)