ACT Test

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    If you plan to apply to a 4 year college, you should take the ACT test twice JUNIOR year and at least one time senior year. Be sure to review your weak areas in between tests.

    If you plan to apply to a community college or technical college (Ranken Tech or State Technical College of Missouri), you can also use the ACT as a placement test. Another option for placement testing is the COMPASS test. If you earn an 18 on the Reading subscore of the ACT, you do not have to take the COMPASS Reading test. If you earn an 18 on the English subscore of the ACT, you do not have to take the English COMPASS test.

    If you earn a 23 on the ACT Math subscore, you do not have to take the MATH COMPASS test.

    The ACT basic fee to take the ACT is $39.50 and with Writing (see ACT website to see if your college requires it) is a total of $56.50. You can send your score results to 4 colleges for free when you sign up for the test online. If you do not, it will cost you an extra $12 to send it directly to the college at a later date! The late fee to sign up is an extra $25 as is a date change of $23 if your schedule changes. PLAN AHEAD and take into consideration your extra curricular commitments. If your are on free-reduced lunch, you are entitled to a total of 2 free ACT fee waivers in your high school career. Go to the College Center for the fee waiver. If you use the waiver and DO NOT SHOW UP for the test, it is still considered one of your free tests.

    ACT Prep
    Free online resources:

    Fee Waiver (ACT & College applications)
    • A student is eligible for 2 ACT fee waivers in their high school career if they are on the free reduced lunch program or are a ward of the court. Go to the College Center for the form. If you sign up to take the test and do not show up for it, it WILL count as one of your waivers. *NOTE: Students who use an ACT fee waiver are also eligible for the online test-prep offered through ACT.
    • The same is true for the SAT test, however students tend to be much more successful on the ACT and do not typically take the SAT test.
    • College Application fee waivers - many colleges will allow students to have the application fee waived. Not ALL colleges accept them such as St Charles Community College and Lincoln University in Jefferson City. The student must sign paperwork with either the College Counselor or MCAC college adviser and send this with their transcript! Plan in advance!