Program Publicity Tips

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    Musicals / Plays / Concerts / Banquets / Tournaments / Other Events

    Planning an event or student production is a major undertaking. As always, Community Services is available to assist in many areas, especially in promotions, photography, printing and design. To help us help you, here a few suggestions that allow us to best serve you.

    • Once dates and times are finalized, please let us know so we can add to our list of projects.
    • Confirm scope of work requested – what do you want us to do – as soon as possible.
    • Provide all information – copy and photos – by predetermined deadline. This is CRITICAL.
    • Depending on time of year, we need about 1-2 weeks to complete design, layout and printing of programs.
    • Publicity is scheduled to best communicate your event to media and other audiences (parents, community, students)
    • REMINDER: Localite newspaper deadlines are on 17th of each month prior to date paper is delivered. Feb. 17 is deadline for March 1 newspaper for example.

    Ritenour Community Services Staff
    Paula Meers, Graphic Designer – ext. 8210
          Design programs, printing, etc.

    Michelle Mueller, Communications Specialist – ext. 8205
          Publicity, photography, media 

    Jenna Gandolfo, Web Content Manager – ext. 8206
          Website, social media communications

    Debbie Catalano, Office Professional – ext. 8209
          General questions