Diamond Circle Award

  • Diamond Circle Award recipients are honored for their commitment to children, their vision for education and their loyalty to their profession. They are chosen each year by their colleagues to represent the many Ritenour professionals throughout the district who best exemplify the district’s commitment to quality education and service. Nominate an employee.
    Diamond Circle teachers 2018 Diamond Circle Teacher of the Year
    Jane Bannester, Ritenour High School

    2018 Diamond Circle Employees of the Year
    Jennifer Clough
    , Ritenour High School
    Michelle Mueller, Ritenour Administrative Center

    More 2018 Diamond Circle Award Recipients

    Jan DiLorenzo, Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education
    Megan Baker, Buder Elementary
    Lindsay Schmidt, Iveland Elementary
    Trina Goodson, Kratz Elementary
    Joe Butler, Marion Elementary
    June Burkhardt, Marvin Elementary
    Sarah Ramirez, Wyland Elementary
    Christopher LeGrand, Hoech Middle School
    Andrea Rivera, Ritenour Middle School