First Class (First Year) Teacher Award

  • The Ritenour School District is proud of our outstanding teachers. First Class teachers exemplify the following:

    Fidelity of Implementation
    How does the nominee ensure they are teaching the curriculum as it was designed to be taught?

    How does the nominee facilitate a high-level/complex response from their learners?

    What are the various examples this nominee uses in creating curricular connections with various cultures and real world scenarios?

    What are the various ways that the nominee maintains a high level of interaction with their students in the learning process?
    How does this teacher ensure he/she is teaching to the variety of student learning styles in the classroom?

    Distinguishing Characteristics
    As compared with other past or present first year teachers in the Ritenour School District, what distinguishes your nominee as the most outstanding?

First Class Teacher Past Nominations

  •  Kevin Daniels  Ritenour High School  2006-2007
     Stacey Wilson  Wyland Elementary  2007-2008
     Jessica Snoberger  Hoech Middle School  2008-2009
     Michael Dragoni  Buder Elementary  2009-2010
     Gisela Macias  Kratz Elementary  2011-2012
     Rachael LaFata  Iveland Elementary  2013-2014
     Renita Smith  Iveland Elementary  2015-2016
     Amanda Drilling  Ritenour Middle School  2017-2018