Make a Difference Award

  • The Make a Difference Award recognizes a member of the Ritenour educational community for their efforts in supporting the diverse needs of students academically, socially and emotionally in a variety of learning settings.

    Make a Difference nominations are due Nov. 22, 2022. Fill out the form here.

    Individuals who qualify for this award:
    Adaptive PE Instructors
    Occupational Therapists
    Physical Therapists
    School Psychologists
    Social Workers
    Special Education Teachers
    Speech and Language Pathologist
    Special Education Paraprofessional

    Any staff member in the district can nominate an individual who meets the qualifications. The criteria for nomination include the following:
    • Excellence in the support of meeting the diverse needs of all students
    • Helping to support an atmosphere of continued learning and growth for all students
    Nominate an employee: 2022 Make A Difference Award Due Oct. 25, 2021

    For questions about nominating an employee, email Evelyn Gilliam.

    Alexander TerranceAlexander Terrance, an assistant principal at Ritenour Middle School, is the Make A Difference Award recipient for the 2021-2022 school year.  Terrance is in his fourth year as an assistant principal at Ritenour Middle School.  In February, he was named the new principal of Hoech Middle School.  

    Terrance makes a difference in the lives of students by building strong, caring relationships with them every day, according to RMS Principal Dr. Brian Rich.  

    “Students adore Mr. Terrance,” Rich said.  “He is skilled at building strong relationships with students, staff and families.  He works closely with all members of our school community to build a productive and engaging environment.  It’s not unusual to walk down the hall with Alex and hear him address every student by their name along with a ‘high five’.” 

Make a Difference Past Honorees

  •  Michael Thomas  Re-Entry Center  2008
     Anne Becherer  Marion Elementary  2009
     Cate Peterson  RHS/SSD  2010
     Anne Gerst  Marion/SSD  2011
     Jennifer Love  District  2012
     Christina Thompson  Ritenour High School  2013
     Sara Luesse  Iveland Elementary  2014
     Kay Castello  SEC/SSD  2015
     Michael Steven Thomas  District  2016
     Chrissy Phillips  Buder Elementary  2017
     Julie Kampschroeder  Ritenour High School  2018
     Jeremy Kane  Buder and Marvin Elementary  2019
     Tavonda Palmer  Ritenour High School  2020
     Michael Nobile  District  2021
     Alexander Terrance  Ritenour Middle School  2022