Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award

  • The Emerson Excellence in Teaching Awards Program, sponsored by Emerson, annually recognizes more than 100 teachers – from kindergarten to college professors – who are examples of excellence in the field of education in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

    Recipients are selected by the chief administrators of their school districts or educational institutions. The employing educational institution must be located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, which is defined to include: (in Missouri) Franklin County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, St. Louis City, St. Louis County; and (in Illinois) Jersey County, Madison County, Monroe County, and St. Clair County.
    The Ritenour Emerson Award is awarded to the Diamond Circle first runner up from the previous school year. 
    Danielle Swallow, a math teacher at Ritenour High School, received the 2022 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.

    Emerson Gold Star Grant Program
    Current and recent Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award recipients who teach grades K–12 have the opportunity to apply for an Emerson Gold Star Grant. Emerson Gold Star Grants are presented in two categories:

    Individual Category (grades K through 12). At least two $2,500 cash grant awards to selected individual teachers, plus a $2,500 grant for each winner’s employing school.

    Teamwork Category (grades K through 12). At least one $10,000 cash grant award to a teaching team (two or more teachers, one of which must be an eligible Gold Star Award applicant), plus a $5,000 grant for each winning team’s employing school.

Emerson Excellence Past Honorees

  •  2000  Sue Deines  Buder Elementary
     2001  Wayne Rathjen  Ritenour High School
     2002  Catherine Richard  Kratz Elementary
     2003  Beth Suhayda  Iveland Elementary
     2004  Yolanda Anderson-Woodard  Iveland Elementary
     2005  Diane Dowdy  Wyland Elementary
     2006  Laura Franzen  Iveland Elementary
     2007  Lisa Hogbin  Marvin Elementary
     2008  Lisa Williams  Ritenour High School
     2009  Rebecca Winkler-Leb  Marvin Elementary
     2010  Jeanna McDermott  Marvin Elementary
     2011  Holly Kopp  Ritenour Middle
     2012  Jennifer Carcagno  Buder Elementary
     2013  Stacey Carman  Buder Elementary
     2014  Stacey Wilson  Wyland Elementary
     2015  Mandy Harvell  Ritenour Middle
     2016  Crystal Sullivan  Ritenour Middle
     2017  Joe Auteberry  Hoech Middle School
     2018  Chris LeGrand  Hoech Middle School
     2019  Collette Love Hilliard  Ritenour High School
     2020  Alexis Jamerison  Marion Elementary School
     2021  Matthew Macko  Ritenour Middle School
     2022  Danielle Swallow  Ritenour High School