Staff Social Media Guidelines

  • The Ritenour School District encourages teachers and staff to use social media as an educational learning tool and a way to engage with the district. Please remember to follow these district guidelines and expectations when using personal or district social media accounts.

    Social Media Tips:


    • Remember social media is an extension of not only yourself but the school/classroom.
    • Comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). *Learn more about FERPA at the bottom of this page.
    • Monitor your social media account, and pay attention to users you are following/users that follow you.
    • Maintain a high level of professional and personal responsibility.
    • Remember that all social media channels are considered public record, and therefore can become a personnel issue investigated by the Ritenour School District.


    • Post student, school or district data that conflicts with board policy or FERPA privacy guidelines
    • Address personnel issues or address the district in an unprofessional manner. (See Policy EHB)
    • Communicate with students electronically for reasons other than educational purposes. (See Policy GBH)

    Official Ritenour School Accounts
    Ritenour schools that do not currently have an active Facebook or Twitter account may request one from the Communications Department. School social media accounts can be run by one or more staff members at your school who are actively engaged in social media. If you are interested in helping manage a current school account or creating a new school account, please contact Jenna Gandolfo at

    Schools that already have a Twitter account include:

    Schools that already have a Facebook account include:
    Buder Elementary PTO
    Iveland Elementary School
    Kratz Elementary School
    Marion Elementary PTO
    Marvin Elementary
    Wyland Elementary and PHinS
    Hoech Middle School
    Ritenour Middle School
    Ritenour High School

    Administrator Accounts
    Ritenour administrators are welcome to create their own social media accounts to use for personal and/or educational purposes. Please follow district social media guidelines when posting to your account.

    Ritenour Department, Team and Activity Social Media Accounts
    Ritenour departments and teams are welcome to create their own social media accounts or request a department account from the Communications Department. If you create a Ritenour department account, please email with the username and password for the account so that we can keep an up-to-date list of all active Ritenour social media accounts.

    Some Twitter accounts include:
    @RSDlearning (Ritenour Curriculum & Instruction)
    @rsdchat (Ritenour Personal Learning Network)
    @ritfitnutrition (Nutrition Services)
    @RitHSActiv (RHS Activities) – in addition to other individual RHS activity/athletic accounts
    @KRHSMedia (RHS radio station)
    @Kratz_lmc (Kratz Library Media Center)

    Some Facebook accounts include:
    Ritenour High School Activities & Athletics - in addition to other individual RHS activity/athletic accounts
    KRHS 90.1 Radioactive Radio

    If you run a district social media account and are planning to leave the district at the end of the school year, please make sure the Communications Department has an updated password for your account before you go.

    *Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act:  FERPA

    Photographing Students and Staff:
    The Ritenour School District operates in compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This law allows students and parents to opt out of the release of certain information about students, including photographs. A list of students who have opted out is available on TYLER. Please contact the Ritenour Community Services Department with any FERPA-related questions.

    Information that IS NOT released:

    • Educational record (except information designated by the district as directory information)
    • Student health information

    Directory information that IS released:
    Directory Information currently includes the following data, in accordance with Board Policy JO-R:

    a)      Student's name
    b)      Parents’ name
    c)       Grade level
    d)      Participation in school-based activities and sports (including electronic and photographic records of activities such as sporting contests, artistic performances and creations, assemblies, service projects and awards ceremonies)
    e)      Weight and height of members of athletic teams
    f)       Honors, degrees, and awards received
    g)      Art work or course work displayed by the district
    h)      Photographs (including photographs of school activities that do not disclose specific academic information), videotapes, and digital images and recorded sound unless such items would be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy 

    View the entire regulation here.