Andrew's Homework Tips for Adults

  • Andrew Oh, Co-Founder Hello parents!

    Here are some ways to stay involved with your student's education, to ensure that they are performing their absolute best!

    1. Get to know the teachers!
      • Creating a relationship with your student’s teacher can help create a positive, comfortable environment to ask for help when needed
      • In the end, they want to see your student succeed, so it’s in your best interest to have them on your side!
      • A little communication can go a long way!  Never hestiate to reach out to your student's teachers.  Find your student's teacher contact information here: Link to RSD staff directory
    2. Be a motivator and a monitor
      • Stay on top of your students due dates and upcoming exams Tyler SIS
      • This will allow you to keep your student accountable to their studies.
      • Sometimes, they need an extra nudge to be put on the right path
    3. Make sure the students do their own work!
      • School is not about copying down the right answer — the process is infinitely more important
      • Make sure your students are honest in their work, and hold them to the highest standard
      • Not only is this good, ethical practice, but it’s a great life skill that will carry them the furthest in life
    4. Set a good example
      • Being responsive and passionate about your own academic goals is a great way to motivate your student
      • If they see that you’re committed, they will naturally follow your lead
      • Learning loves company!
    5. Always show compassion and love
      • As you know, schooling is not easy. We stumble and fall, often.
      • Constantly check in on your student, and make sure they are getting the support and help they need.
      • Remind them that their health is most important


    Be your child's Homework Hero!