Andrew's Homework Tips for Kids

  • Andrew Oh, Co-founderHello! Andrew here!

    I’m excited to share some of my tips that, even as a college student, I use every day to help me with my academic endeavors!

    1. Stay organized!
      • Use a planner, or something similar, to stay on top of due dates, upcoming tests, and other extracurricular events you have going on!
      • This will allow you to get ahead, time-manage, and prioritize assignments/tests.
      • I use the “notes” section on my phone to keep track of all my important dates!
    2. Seek help when you need it!
      • This is SO important — you’re not going to always know the answer to everything!
      • Seeking help allows you to walk through the concepts, so that in the future, you’ll be able to solve the same problems (see ‘Resources’ tab for a comprehensive list of study aids)
      • Maybe you’ll get so good at it, you can help others..? Maybe..?
    3. Homework time = no distractions!
      • Set-up a homework-friendly area! 
      • That means an area with MINIMAL distractions
      • Keep electronics to a minimum, if they serve a NON-academic purpose (Snapchat and Instagram are NON-academic!!!)
    4. Do what works for you and your learning!
      • I had a buddy in college that would study in the exact same desk, in the exact same floor of the library, with the exact same music playlist, every weekend.
      • This is an extreme example, but consistency goes a long way!
      • Knowing yourself, your limits, and what works and doesn’t work for you, will maximize your effectiveness in the end
      • An easy way to hone in on this is to make a plan or schedule, and stick to it!

    Got any tips that you’d like to add? Let us know!

    Be your child's homework hero!