• Business Education


    903000 AMPED - Algebra Manufacturing Processes Entrepreneurship & Design

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Math 8 
    Grade Placement: 9, 10
    Length of Course: 1 year (2 class periods per day; paired with Algebra I)
    Credit: 2 (1 credit Algebra I, 1 credit Business Entrepreneurship)
    In AMPED, students will design innovative concepts and solutions to solve current and future problems using a number of computer aided drafting and design (CADD) software programs, produce, market and sell products including t-shirts, skateboards, and various group determined projects. Students learn Algebra I and business concept applications, interact with school and community partners and customers while tracking expenses and maximizing profits. All profits are donated to local charities of student choice. This course requires teamwork and the safe use of heat press equipment, power tools and hand tools.

    902107 GIC—Geometry in Construction

    Prerequisite: 1/2 credit earned in Algebra I 
    Grade Placement: 9, 10, 11, 12 
    Length of Course: 1 Year (2 class periods per day; paired with Geometry) 
    Credit: 2 (1 credit Geometry, 1 credit elective–Practical art) 
    GIC will provide students the opportunity to immediately apply what they are learning in the classroom to what they are doing in the workshop. This team taught class is organized to take student’s geometry concepts, introduced on math days, and apply them directly to tangible projects shop days. Students learn shop safety, problem-solving, tool use, CAD drawing and CNC operation. Projects will include student created concepts and designs to those introduced by instructors and outside “clients”. Projects, both individual and group, big and small, may include sheds, theater set pieces, props, furniture, classroom makeovers, homecoming floats, guitar bodies, and much more. This class is perfect for anyone interested in engineering, construction, architecture, sculpture, theater set building, interior design, carpentry, and general fabrication. This course requires the safe use of power tools and hand tools, and may require outdoor construction. This course covers all geometry learning standards required for graduation. No previous building experience needed.