• Graduation Requirements

    Ritenour Board of Education Regulations
    Section I: Instruction        Excerpt from IKF-R

    Graduation Requirements Piechart

    English/Language Arts (English I, English II, English III)    4.0
    Mathematics    3.0
    Science (Biology*)    3.0
    Social Studies** (U.S. History, World History, Government)    3.0
    Fine Arts    1.0
    Practical Arts    1.0
    Physical Education    1.0
    Health    0.5
    Wealth Management/Personal Finance    0.5
    Total Specific Requirements    17.0

    Electives    7.0

    Grand Total    24.0

    Courses taken in the following subjects satisfy the fine art requirement:
    1. Art
    2. Music
    3. Theatre

    Courses taken in the following subjects could satisfy the practical art requirement:
    1. Business Education
    2. Family and Consumer Science
    3. Project Lead the Way
    4. Media Convergence

    *Beginning in 2019-2020 students are required to earn 1.0 credits in Biology.

    **Students must pass a U.S. Constitution test and a Missouri Constitution test to meet graduation requirements. Beginning with the graduating class of 2021, students are required to pass the U.S. and Missouri Constitution tests and the American Civics Assessment for graduation as part of the year-long Government course in 11th grade.
        Any specific graduation requirement may be waived for a student with a disability if recommended by the Individual Education Program (IEP) team and approved by the principal.
        When 12th grade transfer students are unable to meet state or local high school graduation requirements, the principal may permit the student to participate in the graduation ceremony if they would have graduated from the former school had they not transferred.


    Administrative Procedures

    Vocational Education/Applied Technology Credits (Dual Enrollment)
    The credits per semester earned from the dual enrollment applied technology programs offered by the Special School District (tech school) will be converted to ensure that students receive the same amount of transfer credit. The Ritenour Board of Education graduation policy will apply to all students dually enrolled (Ritenour/Special School District Applied Technology).

    Alternative Programs (ACE/Re-entry)
    Students enrolled in the Ritenour Alternative Program may receive a Ritenour School District diploma if they meet the requirements established by the Ritenour Board of Education. Students attending the ACE program will receive a diploma through ACE.

    College Admission Requirements
    Requirements for admission to college will depend on the college to which you are applying, and the kind of program you expect to pursue. The best approach to college planning is to strive to keep options open by taking a good distribution of academic coursework all four years of high school, with as much preparation in each area as possible. You should begin planning early for college so you will have the necessary requirements when it is time to apply to the college of your choice. Many colleges and universities are increasing admission requirements, especially in the area of core courses. Parents and students should check individual institutions for specific requirements and work closely with the Counseling Office at the high school.

    College Freshman Athletic Eligibility Requirements
    For students considering participation in collegiate sports, it is imperative that they meet the academic requirements of the NCAA. The NCAA Eligibility Center evaluates the transcript of every potential athlete who has registered with the Center. Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center is a first step in becoming eligible for collegiate athletics.
        Please contact your high school’s College Specialist and Athletic Director regarding specific questions about NCAA eligibility and registering with the Eligibility Center. There have been a number of important changes in eligibility requirements; these individuals can help you with the information that you need.
        It is the responsibility of the student athlete to secure the information needed on NCAA eligibility from the following website: www.eligibilitycenter.org.

    Courses listed in this guide exceed the number of courses that ultimately will be offered. Only those courses with a sufficient number of students enrolled will be placed in the master schedule.