Bullying Prevention

  • At Wyland, we are teaching staff, students, and our school community about what bullying is and how to address bullying behaviors.  Our school participates within a bullying prevention program called Olweus. The Olweus Program (pronounced Ol-VAY-us) is a comprehensive approach that includes schoolwide, classroom, individual, and community components. The program is focused on long-term change that creates a safe and positive school climate. It is designed and evaluated for use in elementary, middle, junior high and high schools (K-12).

    The program’s goals are:

    1. Reduce and prevent bullying problems among school children
    2. Improve peer relations at school

    The program has been found to reduce bullying among children, improve the social climate of classrooms, and reduce related antisocial behaviors, such as vandalism and truancy. 

    The Olweus Program has been implemented in more than a dozen countries around the world, and in thousands of schools in the United States. Our Wyland school coordinator for Olweus is one of our PE teachers, Mr. Ted Grabner. If you have questions regarding lessons for our building Olweus program please contact him directly at grabnert@ritenourschools.org.

    The Ritenour School District has protocols to follow for reporting and investigating all bullying complaints and concerns. The following resources are available to download:

    Ritenour Bullying Policy (Policy JFCG)

    Bullying Prevention Resource(s):