Middle School Computer Request Form

  • March 27, 2020

    Dear Middle School Families,

    The Ritenour School District received a generous donation from Boeing of several computers for students in middle school who have no access to an electronic device for online learning. Ritenour also has some Chromebooks to students who have no other devices at home for extended learning. Please only request a device if your student does not have any access to a device for learning. We have limited quantities. We also will need to know how you access the internet in your home to ensure that you receive the appropriate device.

    The computers will be loaned to students until Ritenour schools open again following the COVID-19 pandemic closure. Because of the quick turnaround time in acquiring these devices, they will not have the regular district filtering software and monitoring system installed. All filtering of non-school related content is the responsibility of the adults in the household. The computers will have all programs needed for students to complete their school work.

    Please complete the following online form to request a computer: https://forms.gle/5kEweTPctxAHjZMu5  (NOTE: this form closed at 1 p.m. on 3/31/2020)

    We will reach out to you via text message and/or email with instructions about where and when to pick up the device the week of April 6, 2020.

    Please email rsdinfo@ritenourschools.org if you have any questions. 
    Note: After April 1, 2020, contact your middle school principal directly if you have any questions or do not have a computer device at home for your child to use: (Hoech) Dr. Terrance Peterson or (RMS) Dr. Brian Rich.

    Thank you!