RHS Counseling Newsletter 4-22-20

  • Hello Ritenour Family,

    We hope you are staying healthy, safe and active.

    We will share a few ways each week to provide ideas of how to stay healthy, connected, and emotionally well. The last newsletter discussed our need to socially connect with others. We may feel that social connection comes through media sources: listening or reading news feeds. We may feel a sense of urgency to know the most up to date information that exists during the pandemic we are all facing. In truth, the need or constant connection to media sources can create undue anxiety, fear, and hopelessness as we listen to the same information repeatedly. I encourage you to know the facts and use reliable media sources for news. Staying up to date is important for safety purposes; once per day is enough to keep you informed. This will contribute to fulfilling the sense of urgency to know the latest news and it may contribute to a reduction in feeling anxious, fear or hopelessness. If you are feeling down or scared, reach out to a trusted adult. You are not alone.

    Self care ideas:

    • Listen to the sounds of the outdoors.
    • Read positive quotes or create positive self affirmations.
    • Skip around your home or outside in your yard. (it’s difficult to feel down when doing this activity)
    • Check out Mrs. Durnin’s Mindfulness podcast episode 2 at: https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-5bx33-d9ff57
    • Clean or re-organize your space.

    College and Career:
    Ms. Kampschroeder has added a new Google Classroom to aid in the College and Career planning process. Using your RHS student gmail account. Please visit the Google Classroom titled College Planning Class Grades 9-12 - the code to join is v6qlmmh. This is a great way to keep up to date with exploring, planning, and finding information to prepare for your future beyond Ritenour High School.

    Parent(s)/Guardian(s): Acknowledging an increase in stress, worry, and helplessness is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. Understand what you are feeling and be a positive role model on how to handle your feelings; they will impact how your child(ren) reacts. Children are always listening and learning (even when we think they are not). A few parenting tips to keep in mind during this pandemic are the following:

    • Practice self-care. Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, it is an act of selflessness, and necessity. If you are not well, people around you will not be well. Show or invite your child(ren) to practice with you.
    • Keep a routine or regular schedule. Sit down with your child to create a virtual school day. Include wake-up times, breakfast, readiness for their schoolwork (practice good hygiene, get dressed, phones and TV’s off), time spent each day on each subject, include breaks (10 minutes) and lunch (1 hour eat together if possible), end the of school day at a reasonable time (keeping it close to the regular school day).
    • After their virtual school day, allow down time. Teens need to feel in control of their space and things they can do. Discuss what it looks like for them in their own space to have quiet time, music time, exercise, creative time or virtually hang out with friends.
    • Meal times together. This is a great opportunity to share family recipes (and secret ingredients) of your favorite meals or try a new recipe together. Try to at least have one meal together each day. During mealtime is a great way to socially connect with one another and talk about what you are grateful for, what your hopes are, or simply share your favorite things (type of music, color, food(s), dessert, shows, etc.).

    For more information on parenting visit: https://www.healthychildren.org.

    Reach out to teachers, counselors, and administrators to help with educational and/or social-emotional needs for your child(ren). We are here to help and support you throughout this difficult time.

    Please visit the Ritenour School District webpage at https://www.ritenour.k12.mo.us/covid19 for updated information regarding COVID-19.

    Mental Health Resources:  

    “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.” ~Robert Ludlum.