April 23 Letter to RMS Families

  • Good Evening RMS Families,

    We recognize all of the hard work that has gone into helping your students navigate Edgenuity and our online Encore curriculum.  The style of learning is different from the traditonal in-class model, and we know the transition for you and your student has NOT been easy.  In an effort to simplify communication concerning their progress on assignments, you can now view grade updates using the Tyler SIS portal that many of you have grown comfortable using.  For those who have not yet signed up for access, you can view the same updates through your students' account.  

    Here are some things to keep in mind:

    1. Each teacher is committed to offering at least one grade update every week. Teachers using Edgenuity will input quiz grades, while Encore assignments will vary. All teachers are using a 10 point system to record each assignment so progress and overall grade percentages are easy for you and your student to track.

    2. Most teachers didn't have many grades (if any) entered when we left on March 17 as the quarter was only five days old. If your student is behind on their distance learning course work, you may see "zeroes" in the gradebook and overall grades in the D or F range. DO NOT WORRY, this is an update on their progress in the class at this point and all assignments can be made up.  Remember to connect with your teachers during their Office Hours at 8am and 12pm daily if you are falling behind or need assistance. Click this link to find your teachers.

    3. We recognize that some of our families have significant obstacles that prevent them from keeping pace with distance learning. Any grade below a C (70%) at the end of the quarter will be changed to an NG (No Grade).

    4. We also recognize that some students are trying to keep pace but are earning grades lower than they are accustomed to, especially in Edgenuity.  Rest assured, our teachers know your student's grades from the previous three quarters, recognize the effort involved with learning through a new online system, and will assign a 4th Quarter grade that reflects this effort as long as students keep working through the end of the school year. 

    Thanks again for all of your effort to support distance learning at RMS.  If you have any questions about a current grade, please reach out to their teacher directly for clarification and support.  If you are unable to reach their teacher, the RMS counseling and admin team is ready to help! 
    Dr. Brian W. Rich 
    Ritenour Middle School