No Cost Meals Delivered to Ritenour Students Beginning Aug. 31

  • Grab n Go Lunch Beginning Aug. 31, breakfast and lunch will be delivered each morning to students at bus stops throughout the Ritenour School District.  Only enrolled Ritenour students will be eligible to receive the no cost meals.  Child Nutrition staff will be on each bus to hand out meals and record students’ names.  Meals will be delivered for all days that virtual school is in session. 

    Times and a list of locations have been shared with all families currently enrolled in the district via email and/or text message.  All families have been assigned to a stop that is not far from their home.  Please note: families can only receive their meals at their assigned stop.  

    If you have questions about your assigned stop, please contact our transportation department at (314) 493-6327.

    Throughout the program, students will receive the same hot meals they enjoyed in the cafeteria. The lunch menu for the first week includes hamburgers, chicken fingers, mini tacos, mozzarella cheese sticks and more!  Meals will be delivered frozen with instructions of how to heat them up in a microwave or oven.  Click here to view the full menu:   

    Students or parents/guardians may pick up meals. Per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements, each person picking up meals will be asked to provide the student’s name and school. Unlike the summer meal program, districts are required to request this information for the National School Lunch Program reimbursement process. This process will allow the district to provide the meals at no charge. 

    Students/families are encouraged to arrive at the stop at least five minutes before the scheduled time and wait up to ten minutes after the scheduled arrival time in case the bus is running late.  

    Buses will run the same routes three times daily between 6:52 - 8:25 a.m.  Students will have three opportunities to come pick up their meals at their assigned bus stop. The earliest route is designed for middle school students; the second route is for high school students and the third route is for elementary school students.  But, families are welcome to pick up their meals at any of the three times.

    All Ritenour staff will wear face coverings and practice social distancing.  Please wear a mask or face covering and follow social distancing, standing 6-feet apart from others at each of the bus stops. Also as a reminder, if anyone in your household is ill with COVID-19 like symptoms, no one in your family should come to the bus stop. To help keep everyone healthy, please contact our child nutrition department directly at (314) 493-6095 to find an alternative way to ensure your children receive their meals. 

    If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the following:

    • Child Nutrition Services (menu items and food allergies): (314) 493-6095  
    • Transportation (bus stop locations):  (314) 493-6327
    • Email and we will send your question to the appropriate department for a response