• Keeping Students & Staff Safe and Healthy

    All final decisions about when and how to reopen schools, as well as decisions about any future closures, will continue to be determined by the most recent local health data in partnership with St. Louis County and the St. Louis County Department of Public Health.

    In-Person Learning Contract
    All families must complete the parent/caregiver contract outlining the roles of the parent/caregiver as well as the roles of the school to allow for as much safety as possible. The contracts must be completed before students are allowed to enter their classroom.

    Parents/caregivers who breach the contract are placing students and staff members at risk. Building and district staff will follow up with families who are not following the details in the contract. Should continuing issues arise, the option for in person instruction may be eliminated.

    Daily Health Screenings

    • Students will be screened when they arrive at their entrance at school. Any child with a temperature above 100.4 will go directly to the sequestration room
    • Students with an elevated temperature, but not above 100.4 will follow up with the nurse for additional temperature checks
    • Parents/caregivers must screen each student about symptoms of illness and take their temperature before sending them to school. This will reduce the chance that parents will send their child(ren) to school when they are ill
    • Parent/Guardian Expectations:
      – Ensure that a daily screening for symptoms is conducted every morning prior to sending student(s) to school
      – Ensure that student(s) who show symptoms in the daily screening are not sent to school
      – Ensure that the student gets to school on time and, upon arrival, goes to his/her assigned area
      – Ensure that students who are showing symptoms at school are picked up from school within one hour of displaying symptoms
      – Ensure that the student understands the need to follow all announced procedures and to obey verbal and written instructions from staff
      – All students will be screened, including temperature checks, upon entering the building each day
           ♦ Additional middle school and high school staff will be assigned to elementary schools to assist with arrival in the morning
    • All Ritenour and SSD staff must complete a standardized online screening before reporting to work. The screening tool requires staff members to take their temperature and enter the data in the tool. Additional questions on the self-assessment will ask if the person has had otherwise unexplained onset of fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, muscle pain/ache that cannot be explained by other activities (i.e. exercising, recent trauma, etc.), sore throat or loss of taste or smell not explainable by a pre-existing medical condition. The staff member is not permitted to work if they answer “YES” to any of the screening questions or if their temperature is above 100.4. Students with an elevated temperature, but not above 100.4 will follow up with the nurse for follow up temperature checks throughout the day.
    • The Ritenour Human Resources Department will closely monitor daily attendance by building to track student and staff attendance
    • The Ritenour Human Resources Department will coordinate contact tracing within school buildings if a COVID-19 infection is identified
    • Click here to view the latest COVID-19 symptoms from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

    Protecting Students and Staff Who Need Extra Precautions

    • Staff members with a documented medical need should contact the Human Resources Department for more information
    • Families have the option to enroll their child in full-time virtual education

    Isolation of Symptomatic Students

    • Each school will establish a separate isolation area that is not the school office or nurse’s office. Students who are sent to the isolation area as a result of showing symptoms are to be picked up from school. The waiting area includes consistent supervision

    School Health Staff

    • Weekly reports from the lead nurse will be shared with district leadership to monitor illness data
    • Nurses will be provided with thermometers and proper PPE. Ritenour will ensure all nurses offices maintain backup thermometers and PPE


    • Students must be up to date on all vaccinations, be in the “catch up” protocol known as "in-progress" or have an original exemption card on file - students not immunized per Missouri guidelines will not be allowed to attend school in person for their safety and the safety of others