• What will the School Day Look Like for Students Attending In-Person Classes in Phase 2?

    Arrival and Dismissal

    • There will be an increased number of entrances at each school to avoid clustering of students at arrival each morning
    • Buses will transport lower numbers of students to school each day based on the hybrid model to avoid clustering of students entering and exiting school
    • Students will have their temperatures checked each day upon arrival • Ritenour High School students who leave the campus during the school day may not return for that school day
    • The Y-Club Before & After School Enrichment Program will be available for students on the days they attend in-person classes at school
      – The Y Club is not available on the three days the child is not at school


    • Students will have an assigned seat on the bus
    • The first student picked up will be directed to a seat at the back of the bus. Students will fill the bus from back to front
    • Students will be socially distanced on the bus to reduce contact
    • Students and families are encouraged to walk/drive to school

    Breakfast and Lunch

    • Students in grades Pre-K-2 are not allowed to bring food from outside of school (including snacks and lunches from home). This is a result of the level of assistance required from staff to assist with opening pre-packaged items
    • Students will eat breakfast and lunch in classrooms when possible. The district food service department is revising menus to reduce the amount of pre-packaged items served
    • Lunch cards will be eliminated to avoid contact and sharing of items
    • If cafeterias are being used, students will have assigned spaces to allow for consistency and social distancing
    • Custodial staffing will be increased at each school - custodians will focus on daily cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces in high traffic areas
    • Students choosing the virtual option will be provided with breakfast and lunch for all five days

    Classroom Spaces & Organization

    • Desks in classrooms will be separated to allow for maximum space between students and social distancing
    • Students will remain seated in desks in the classrooms
    • Students will be seated in rows to avoid face-to-face contact
    • A seating chart will be maintained and documented daily
    • Students will not share lockers at any level
    • No carpets/rugs/soft seating to allow for disinfection of all surfaces. These items have been removed and are being stored. These items would not be returned to classrooms until we make the move to a fully Phase 1 environment
    • Gymnasiums can be used as spaces to house classes with no substitute teacher
    • Weather permitting, students will have PE classes and recess outdoors


    • Structured recess will be scheduled to prevent mixing of classes. Students are expected to wear masks/face coverings while at recess
    • Consistent locations will be assigned to each class for recess
    • Students must maintain social distance during recess
    • Teachers will also provide mindfulness time and brain breaks during the day

    Passing Time/Hallways

    • Schedules will be staggered to reduce the number of students in the hallway
    • One-way traffic flow will be created through buildings to limit the interaction of students during passing time
    • Students and staff are encouraged to bring water bottles; students are discouraged from using the water fountains except to fill water bottles
    • Restroom breaks will be structured; teachers will avoid individual restroom breaks to avoid student contact if possible


    Limiting Interaction with Other Students/Adults

    • No field trips will be scheduled in the first semester
    • Gifted students will take classes at their home school and will not travel to the Center for Gifted Education. Specials schedules (Art, Music, PE, Library, etc.) are being modified to lessen the number of students being served by a teacher during the course of the week. This change will take the form of students participating in one specials class consistently for a period of weeks as opposed to rotating through all specials classes each week
    • All middle and high school students are required to wear IDs to allow for identification 
      – The IDs are necessary to ensure students are attending school on the proper day to avoid mixing of students.
    • Visitor access will be limited at all Ritenour buildings
      – Any visitor to a building must complete a screening before entering the school
    • Parents/Caregivers, when coming to school to pick up students, will meet staff at the door and the student(s) will be escorted to the door
    • No sharing of classroom supplies by students. (Supply lists are being finalized)
    • Locker rooms will be closed at the middle and high schools - students will not dress out for PE classes
    • No children of staff members are allowed in school buildings during the school day to lessen the number of people in school buildings. The YMCA Latchkey program providing before and after school care will be available for students and families only on the days students are scheduled for in person instruction with their group (A/B)

    Student Attendance

    • All student attendance policies will be removed. Students who are symptomatic must remain home from school