Vanessa Henriquez-Pimblott

  • Vanessa Henriquez-PimblottSpouse:  Jonathan Pimblott
    Length of residence:  3 years
    Education:  Bachelor's Degree
    Place of Employment:  Community Organizer - WEPOWER
    Children:  Judah (age 6) Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education (RSECE) and currently a Marvin Star and Jessee (age 4) currently attending the RSECE
    Membership in civic, professional organizations, etc.: Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Inter-Faith Committee of Latin America (IFCLA) and Tomorrow Builders Fellowship (WEPOWER)

    “Keep in mind always the present you are constructing. It should be the future you want.” - Alice Walker. 

    I carry this quote deep in my heart and mind, using it as a constant reminder and anchor for the kind of life I want to live. A life that not only participates in present day service to others, but lays down fertile foundations for future generations to grow and flourish upon. I am seeking election to the Ritenour Board of Education because I believe in the power of children, parents, educators and all members of the greater Ritenour community to construct a future that we all want. A future where every child is thriving and championed by their community. We, the community of today, are the ones our children of tomorrow need. It is my sincere hope to serve in this capacity to champion the voices of all the children, across this district and region, so they too can construct a future they envision.

    My current position as a Community Organizer with WEPOWER has equipped me with the necessary skills and understanding of building community led change. I also dedicated the last two years to completing the Tomorrow Builders Fellowship, which focused on reimagining early childhood education for the region of St. Louis. While I have gained an immense amount of knowledge regarding education policy and systems change, it is my personal lived experiences as a mom to two young learners that keeps me most eager and open to continuous learning and growing.