Proposition K Bond Issue Projects

  • Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education In 2008, voters approved a $50 million bond issue (Prop K) for safety & technology upgrades and construction. New construction and renovation projects throughout the district were completed at or under budget. Due to the construction climate, some bids were under budget allowing additional renovations to be completed. Primary bond issue projects included the construction of the Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education, the Ritenour Auditorium and the Ritenour High School Media Convergence Center.

    Completed Ritenour Proposition K Projects:
    School for Early Childhood Education
    Elementary School Playgrounds
    Wireless Network at all schools
    Classroom Technology at all schools
    (Data Projectors, interactive white boards, mobile carts with laptops)
    Safety & Security Upgrades at all schools
    Elevators to meet ADA Requirements
    (Buder, Iveland and Marion Elementary Schools)
    Library at Iveland Elementary School
    Library at Marion Elementary School
    Parking Lot Addition at Ritenour High School
    Auditorium at Ritenour High School
    Existing Building Alterations – Ritenour High School, Iveland Elementary and Marion Elementary
    Media Convergence Center – Ritenour High School

    Safety and Security Updates

    An expanded video surveillance system was completed throughout the Ritenour High School campus that included 115 new cameras.

    The main entrances at all Ritenour schools now utilize an A-Phone (video and audio communication) system that allows the office to screen each visitor prior to granting them access into the building. Additional safety measures include:

    • Every main entrance door and all other exterior doors remain locked during the school day (except for arrival and dismissal times)
    • Security cameras at each school
    • ID badges for employees, visitors and secondary students
    • Keyless access controls at selected locations
    • Telephones in all classrooms
    • School resources officers at secondary schools
    • Police officers who make daily visits to elementary schools
    • Fire suppression systems at Iveland and Marion Elementary

    Additional Repairs
    Brick repairs at the high school were completed, as well as a parking lot expansion at the School for Early Childhood Education. Brick repairs and other exterior improvements at the Administrative Center were also completed.

    Ritenour High School Media Convergence Suite
    The former band, choir and orchestra space were renovated for the new Media Convergence Suite. Former music practice areas are being used for media education and production including TV, radio, yearbook, newspaper and digital media. 
    Master Project List  
     Projects  Cost Estimate
     Technology Improvements at every school  $4.2 million
     Safety & Security (cameras, access controls, improved security at building entrances)  $475,000
     ADA upgrades (elevators at three schools)  $864,000
     Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education  $7.4 million
     Elementary Libraries (two libraries build to meet state standards)  $2.4 million
     Ritenour High School (classrooms, auditorium, energy efficient renovations, parking)  $33.7 million
     Elementary school playgrounds (six renovated as needed)  $961,000
     Total  $50 million