Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry

  • Ritenour Co-Care Ritenour Co-Care Inc. is a 501c (3) non-profit organization that has been in existence in the Overland area since 1980.

    This group of church and community leaders oversee the assistance to residents of the Ritenour School District through the Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry which serves over 2000 people a month with fresh, frozen and canned goods from our new location at 9516Rear Lackland Rd, Overland, MO 63114.  If you would like to help with food, money or your energy and time, we welcome you. Please call 314-427-7204. If you need food it is the same number. Help us help our community.

    Ritenour Food Pantry
    The Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry is overseen by the Ritenour Co-Care Inc., a 501c (3) non-profit board which is composed of leaders from area churches and businesses. The pantry serves anyone who needs food who lives in the Ritenour School District. You may call the pantry number at 314-427-7204 to get an appointment or to find a time that you can simply come to the pantry to sign up in person. The Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry tries to provide food to last for at least 3-5 days, depending on what they have on hand. 

    Any donations of money or time are always appreciated at Ritenour Co-Care. For more information, visit the Co-Care website at www.rccfoodpantry.org. To donate, simply make a check to 'Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry' and mail it to 9516 Rear Lackland Rd, Overland, MO 63114, or click here to donate online.