Mission & Vision

  • Our Iveland Vision

    At Iveland Elementary, parents, staff and community members work collaboratively to provide a safe, student centered learning environment where all students’ social, emotional and academic needs are met. We are a community who strives to develop respectful, responsible, cooperative, peaceful and positive children who can problem solve and effectively contribute to society. 

    Our Iveland Mission

    The Iveland community meets the needs of the whole-child through positive, loving relationships, high expectations, and engaging learning opportunities that lead to college and career readiness for every student, every day.

    Iveland Elementary School is:

    ...the school where we all display the Iveland High Five Expectations (Positive, Peaceful, Cooperative, Respectful, and Responsible)

    ...theschool where students are engaged and excited about learning

    ...the school where students are exposed to high standards of learning and their achievements are celebrated

    ...the school where teachers, parents, and staff model the expected positive and life long learner behaviors

    ...the school where diversity is welcomed and nurtured

    ...the school where the students become independent thinkers and responsible learners

    We value the partnership which exists between school, parents and community and the part we all play in realizing this vision.