Choir (3rd - 5th Grade)

  • Choir Welcome to Marion's Choir Page.  You can find out the dates of choir rehearsals, costume lists, and anything else about choir!
    Choir is open to students in grades 3-5. In order to get a permission form to sign up for choir, students need to write me a friendly letter asking to be in choir. They need to include:
    1. Heading (Month, day, year)
    2. Greeting (Dear Mrs. Dowdy,)
    3. Body (Tell me why you want to be in choir and other things go in the body)
    4. Closing (Sincerely, Your student)
    5. Signature and Room Number
    The choir performs a musical in December and in the spring. Students will experience singing, dancing, acting, and performing as a group.

    Choir usually meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:55 AM. Students chosen for speaking or dancing parts may meet more often. Two weeks before the show, choir meets every morning.

    Students in Strings/Orchestra are excused from choir on their Strings class days.
    Beginning Strings meet on Monday and Wednesday, so they attend choir on Tuesday and Friday.
    Advanced Strings meet on Tuesday and Thursday, so they attend choir on Wednesday and Friday.
    Music Room Rules
    1. Work hard! Do your best!
    2. Hands, feet and objects to yourself (cha, cha, cha)
    3. Follow directions the first time they are given. (Ding!)