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  • Librarian
    Mrs. Burkhardt

    8:55 am - 3:20 pm 

Library Media Center Goals & Expectations

  • Library Media Center
    Library Media Center Goals
    • To foster a learning environment that encourages investigation, allows for independent thinking, and develops effective study habits for all ages and abilities.
    • To provide an opportunity for students to develop the skills and attitudes, this will encourage school library usage.
    • To provide materials that support the curriculum, student interests, and staff needs as funds are available.
    • To model the integration of technology in the curriculum for students and teachers.
    • To promote the students’ enjoyment of and commitment to reading.
    • To expose students to materials which reflect the rich diversity of our world.
    • To promote awareness and use of resources available in the library, both print and electronic.
    Library Media Center Expectations
    • Respect the library by having a positive attitude and showing self-control.
    • Respect others by cooperating and sharing. Respect our time by coming in quickly and quietly, and by starting and stopping on time.
    • Respect school equipment by caring for the books, the computers, and using the shelf markers.
    • Be a responsible learner by listening, following directions, and participating positively.