Parents as Teachers

  • Ritenour School District offers the award-winning Parents as Teachers program free of charge. PAT helps parents know what to expect at each stage of their child’s development, teaches parents to be good observers, and provides fun and educational ways for parents to play with their child. PAT also offers free developmental screenings and activities for parents and children to do together. Anyone can participate in PAT, and services are available for parents beginning at pregnancy until the child enters kindergarten. Call (314) 493-6240 for more information or to enroll.
    Ritenour Parents as Teachers believes in the following:
    • Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers.
    • The years before Kindergarten provide the foundation for success in school and life.
    • All young children and their families deserve the same opportunities to succeed in school and life.

    Ritenour Parents as Teachers program offers:

    • Personal/home visits by certified parent educators
    • Developmental and vision/hearing screenings for young children
    • Parent-child workshops and events about child development and parenting
    • Connections to community resources and organizations
    Our goal is for all children to learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential.