• Ritenour Legislative Advocacy Committee About the Ritenour Legislative Advocacy Committee

    The Ritenour Legislative Advocacy Committee is a politically neutral group that meets regularly with the Superintendent. Its purpose is to research and study public policy issues that have an impact on the Ritenour School District. Guided by the Ritenour Vision and Mission, members give feedback to the Superintendent, take a position on the issues, communicate with elected officials, and educate other parents and citizens on issues that impact Ritenour students and staff. 
    All meetings take place at the Ritenour Administrative Center, 2420 Woodson Road, Overland, Mo. 63114.
    Members and Membership
    Citizens and staff members interested in public policy, government affairs and community relations are welcome to attend Legislative Advocacy Committee meetings. Ritenour Superintendent Dr. Chris Kilbride invites interested individuals to serve as members. For more information or to join the committee, please contact DeQuinda Woods at (314) 493-6050 or woodsd@ritenourschools.org