College and Career Center/E3: Enroll, Enlist, Employ

  • Welcome to the Ritenour High School College and Career Center! Here you can find resources on what you need to know about applying, getting accepted and Enrolling into college, information on Employment and military Enlistment opportunities.

Meet the Staff

  • Julie Kampschroeder
    Julie Kampschroeder

    College & Career Counselor     

    • Meets with students planning on Enrolling into college after graduation
    • Parent resource for college planning
    • Common App, NCAA, NAIA school connection
    • Runs Thursday afternoon college prep sessions
  • Cabrina Noonan
    Cabrina Noonan

    Counseling Department Leader
    College & Career Counselor

    • ACT, AP, ASVAB, PSAT Testing Coordinator
    • Dual Credit & Dual Enrollment Coordinator
    • Work Based Learning Counseling Resource
    • Scholarship Coordinator
    • Meets with students planning on Employment or Enlistment after college
  • Mikyla Murphy
    Mikyla Murphy

    Missouri College Advising Corps

    College Advisor

    • FAFSA ID and FAFSA completion
    • College Visit Coordinator
    • Community College Sign-up
    • ACT Prep
    • Parent Newsletter

Important Links

College Reps

  • Please visit SCOIR to schedule your visit.