• Media Guidelines for Working in the Ritenour School District
    The Ritenour School District recognizes the important role the media plays in reporting news and information about its educational programs, services, students and employees. Representatives from the Community Services Office assist the media by providing information about the Ritenour School District. As we work with you, we make every effort to work within your deadlines. Please note: the Ritenour School District has the right to deny interview and/or photograph/video requests.
    Ritenour School District Media Contacts:
    Doug Bray
    Director of Communications and Community Services
    (314) 493-6081

    Michelle Mueller
    Communications Specialist
    (314) 493-6082

    While Visiting the District
    Media who want to film, photograph or interview Ritenour employees, students or board members are asked to make a request through the Community Services Office. When filming (live or taped) taking a still photograph or conducting interviews while in the school district, a Community Services representative will accompany media to minimize disruption at the school and to assist with any additional requests.

    As a safety and security precaution, the media – like all visitors to our buildings – are asked to sign-in and obtain a visitor’s pass. Passes are available in the school’s main office or the Administrative Center reception desk.