1:1 Chromebooks

  • Ritenour Tech Revolution

    Ritenour High School's 1:1 technology initiative reinforces the 21st century skills students need in order to be successful in college and careers. 

    As part of this initiative, every RHS student receives a Chromebook at the start of the school year to use both in school and at home throughout the year.  View the Parent/Student Chromebook Handbook.

    This initiative is not centered on one device, but rather the transformational teaching and learning opportunities for our students that will help them reach higher levels of success. This kind of 21st century learning focuses on increased student engagement and higher-level skills to problem solve, multitask, think creatively, collaborate effectively and communicate globally.

    Some paper and pencil tasks already have been replaced with technological interactions in Ritenour classrooms preK-12. Chromebooks have replaced some traditional textbook and notebook tasks. Through the use of technology, students are able to access a multitude of online resources that were previously unavailable using traditional methods. Materials are available 24/7, which encourages work to be done outside of the traditional school day.

    Virtual Learning at Ritenour High School 2020
    Our district is starting the school year in Phase 3 - full-time virtual learning for grades K-12 in 2020. Ritenour will continue to monitor conditions to determine when the district will move to Phase 2 for hybrid in-school/virtual learning for the families who want in-person learning for their children. Students at every level will be held accountable for their learning. The district has committed to ensuring equitable learning resources by providing computers or devices for all students and Wi-Fi for those who need it. Devices were distributed to families in August prior to the first day of online learning. For tech support, please contact techsupport@ritenourschools.org.

    Virtual learning for Ritenour High School students begins at 8:05 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.

    Ritenour High School students will connect with their classes according to their class schedule during school hours. Counselors will be working on the master schedule for all enrolled RHS students beginning in early August. Some coursework may be modified for some classes, but credits will not be affected. 

    RHS students will have a mix of synchronous learning (live, virtual classroom instruction and interaction with teachers and peers with individual and group activities) and asynchronous learning (independent learning to complete assignments/activities on their own) during school hours. A team of RHS administrators, counselors and teachers representing every department have been meeting regularly throughout the summer planning for a myriad of scenarios, including all-virtual learning. For a more detailed schedule of what each day of learning will look like for RHS students, click here.

    Students who are dual enrolled and who are taking some of their classes at North Tech or St. Louis County Community College will be getting information about their courses closer to the start of school. Students enrolled in AP courses or college credit classes offered at RHS will continue to be taught as planned by RHS teachers. 

    Student courses will automatically populate in Google Classroom when they log in with their Ritenour email address. For help with Google accounts for all grades, as well as support for devices issued to faculty and students please email techsupport@ritenourschools.org or call (314) 493-6085.  IT support for Ritenour technology is available to teachers, staff, students and their families.