• Ritenour School District is committed to the value of a planned public relations program and the positive impact on student achievement, community relationships and improved district programs and services. The Ritenour Community Services office develops and implements the district’s public relations program and the adult and community education programs.

    Department Responsibilities

    • Provides effective internal and external public relations and other communication programs.
    • Counsels superintendent, Board of Education and district employees in public relations and district management strategies.
    • Provides leadership to the district related to issues management.
    • Conducts qualitative and quantitative research relating to demography, opinions of community and employees and other components associated with effective communication and satisfaction levels.
    • Plans, develops, administers, supervises and evaluates the communications and community services programs.
    • Coordinates effective communication to both internal and external audiences.
    • Develops communication/public relations efforts planned on a systematic basis to support achievement of district goals and objectives.
    • Schedules and coordinates printing and publications.
    • Assures good communication with news media, responsiveness by school officials and honest, open information is provided to reporters.
    • Organizes and directs parents, staff and volunteer committees.
    • Plans and coordinates special events, projects and activities.
    • Serves as public relations representative for the district and performs as liaison with community, media and other agencies.

Contact Us

  • Communications & Community Services Office
    2420 Woodson Road
    St. Louis, Mo. 63114

    Doug Bray
    Director of Communications and Community Services
    (314) 493-6080

    Margarita Gunther
    Office Professional
    (314) 493-6080

    Michelle Mueller
    Communications Coordinator
    (314) 493-6082

    Jenna Gandolfo
    Digital Media Manager
    (314) 493-6072

    Paula Meers
    Graphic Artist
    (314) 493-6083