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View Internal Calendar, Schedule an Event or Book a Room

  • 1. Log In 
    Returning staff, log in at:
    (If you forgot your password, click on the Forgot Password link (underneath Sign In) – this will send you an email to create your password.) 
    First time users, please click here, and register by clicking the arrow to the right of the green text at the bottom of the page that says "Never Submitted a Request? Register Here!"
    2. View Internal Calendar or Schedule Request
    Once you are logged in, to view the internal calendar, click the Calendar tab and sort calendar by location. To book a room, under Quick Launch, click My SchoolBuilding.  This will take you to the New Schedule tab. Select what kind of request you need.  Once you've completed entering your request, you will be asked for a submittal password. The submittal password is calendar.