Virtual Learning at Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education

  • General Education Virtual Learning at the Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education
    Students will be engaged in Virtual learning using Seesaw, Boom Cards, Epic Books and Zoom.  A variety of activities will be used to engage students in learning, but the following areas will be included in lessons weekly:

    • Shared Reading
    • Alphabet Knowledge
    • Name Writing
    • Independent Work/Family Activity
    • Check in virtual zoom meetings
    • Making Meaning/Read Aloud
    • Being a Writer/Journaling

    Students will participate in synchronized learning (large group, small groups and individual)  when families must be with the student so they can be online live in real time and unsynchronized learning  (pre-recorded and/or done with parent assistance) that can be done at different times that day. Most synchronized learning or assessments will be at various times between 8:30 12:00.

    Virtual learning for this program is only available to returning and families registered prior to July 15, 2020 pre-school families who are not already enrolled in our ECSE program. Families who participate in virtual learning will have priority when we transition to an in person preschool program.

    When the program transitions to a full day in person learning families who are pre-registered or in the virtual program will have priority and we will have limited spots to allow for social distancing so register as soon as possible.

    Early Childhood Special Education Services and Virtual learning (SSD) during 100% Virtual Learning

    1. All therapy and instruction will be conducted virtually with an individually designed “Distance Learning Plan” for your child to work on their IEP goals.
    2. Each child will have a Distance Learning Plan that will cover your child's individual learning goals over a 2 week period emailed through a secured platform through SSD.
    3. Teachers and therapists will provide instruction with activities to be done at home on the distance learning plan as well as live sessions.  Teachers and therapists will have recorded versions of the live instruction for you to access if you are unable to attend a live session or if your child needs repetition on the skill.
    4. Your child's teacher will be contacting you the week of August 24th to discuss the Distance Learning Plan, the live session schedule and their office hours.
    5. The teachers and therapist are here to support you in conducting these activities at home and are available for coaching and questions/concerns you may have.
    6. Data on IEP goals will be collected through live sessions as well as through parent input.

    PAT services in Ritenour during 100% virtual learning
    The Ritenour Parents as Teachers program, working with any district child ages 0-5, continues to be available to families for consultation and the virtual support of parents and children. A weekly lesson or activity will be posted on the website for children 0-2 and 3-5. Please check back weekly.   We are currently providing both virtual home visitation and developmental screenings to families as well as working with local resource providers to assist when necessary.  If interested, please contact Mike Aitken, parent educator, at (314) 493-6240 or"