Safety & Security

  • Safe Schools Act
    In 1996, the Missouri legislature enacted the Safe Schools Act that mandates strict safety and discipline standards for all public schools in the state, including procedures for issuing some school incident reports to law enforcement officials. The Ritenour School District annually publishes a discipline handbook that includes Safe School Act requirements. District policies, regulations and practices relating to student conduct, disciplinary procedures and consequences are included in the handbook. A discipline handbook is also provided to parents each fall and is available in the school office.

    Emergency Response Information Plan
    The Ritenour School District has implemented a comprehensive Emergency Response Information Plan, which includes safety/security procedures for numerous situations. We continue to work with local, county and federal officials to update district procedures in the event of an emergency.
    In addition to our emergency planning efforts, the district has put in place other measures to improve safety and security at our schools. Please be assured we are taking the necessary steps to maintain a secure environment. These measures include:
    • Safety ID badges for employees, visitors and secondary students
    • Improved lighting on school grounds
    • Keyless entry doors at selected locations to allow entry for staff and their students
    • Locking all exterior doors
    • Telephones in all classrooms
    • Teachers and staff in hallways when students are between classes
    • Scheduled building safety drills
    These improvements are key components of the district’s ongoing efforts to keep students safe.