Ritenour Wellness

  • Ritenour is excited to provide a variety of health and wellness activities to begin the new year.  The goal is to help all employees live healthier and happier lives.  

    Guest Speaker Zoom Series

    • Self Care & Stress Management (Patty Corum) - Download Presentation
    • Nutrition & Physical Activity (Brittney Scott, Ritenour School District Child Nutrition) - Download Presentation
    • Being Proactive About Your Health
      Dr. Karen Alexander, Director of Nursing - University of Houston
      Antonette Anuwe M.A., Licensed Psychological Associate
      Amber Gardner, Nurse Practitioner & Beauty Blogger
      Jasmine Burris, Director of School- Based Services & Community Partnerships - Care STL

    • Financial Wellness (Kate McKernin, Lincoln Financial Services) - Download Presentation

    Wellness Seminars/ Workshops

    Self Administered District-Wide Health Challenges

    • TrustWellness invites you to experience OmniAmbient, “Sound Journeys for Sleep,” an 8-night audio immersive sleep therapy experience that will guide you into sleep for a deep relaxing experience. These tonal harmonics and guided sleep meditations will align your body with natural energies of sound and take you through a metaphysical journey that will re-energize your mind and body. 
      There is a limited number of downloads, so if you would like a download link, email: laurafortrustwellness@gmail.com.