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Important Letter to Ritenour Families 9-18-20

September 2020

Ritenour Families,

At the start of normal school years, each child must have updated household information, health form and other information on record. Typically, these forms are sent home in the back-to-school packets prior to the start of school. Due to the pandemic and the need to go paperless as much as possible to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, most forms now are being done electronically. Parents/Guardians can now update the important household/student information, as well as the health information and FERPA forms for each of their school age children (K-12) through the Parent Portal. We must have this information in our system regardless of whether you plan to keep your children in full virtual learning or transition them to hybrid learning.

We are asking all families to complete the health information in the Parent Portal as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, Sept. 25. To complete the health information form and all of the other important updates about each of your children in K-12, follow these steps: 

It is important to know that you must hit “save” if you start the process and then want to continue adding information later. Once you have completed all of the online forms, you will see a popup that says “submit” and then you can hit that button and the process is complete.

(Note you will fill out different forms electronically for each child.)

Scenario 1:
I already use the Parent Portal and know my username and password to log in.

Step 1: Log into the Parent Portal
Step 2: Select ‘View’ within the yellow bar on your Home Screen for Online Registration
Step 3: Select Edit next to the first form and complete all required fields
Step 4: Be sure to indicate that you have completed each information form by checking the box in the lower left hand corner
Step 5: Use the Next button at the bottom middle to move through the forms
Step 6: Complete all available forms
Step 7: When you have finished, select the Submit button at the bottom right corner

Scenario 2:
I know I have a Parent Portal account but have forgotten my username, password or both.

*Your username is the email address on file
*You can use the ‘Forgot your parent password’ link on the login page to send a password reset to the email address on file

Step 1: If the above information still does not allow you to log in, call your child’s school. An office professional will be able to tell you your username and password. 
Step 2: Log into the Parent Portal 
Follow Steps 2-7 in Scenario 1

Scenario 3: I have never used the Parent Portal and need access to start an account.

Step 1: Call your child’s school. An office professional will confirm that you are the parent/guardian and grant you access. You will then receive an email welcome letter from Tyler SIS that will allow you to set a personal password. Your username is the email address on file.
Step 2: Log into the Parent Portal with the information that is emailed to you.
Follow Steps 2-7 in Scenario 1

If you have any questions or run into problems, call the office professional at your child’s school, or email