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Dressing for Cold Weather

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During extreme cold snaps, it is important to take extra precautions to keep your child warm outside and at school. The safety of our students is always our priority, and this includes safely getting them to and from school.

Thank you for helping keep your children warm and dressed appropriately for cold weather. It is important for children to have coats, gloves, hats and appropriate footwear while walking or riding the bus to and from school. Layering clothing under their coats also adds warmth during cold weather.

On extremely cold days Ritenour first and foremost considers student safety, in particular those students who walk or wait at bus stops. 

If a child walks to school, we ask that parents try to make arrangements for the child to be given a ride to school. In some neighborhoods, parents form emergency carpools that work well.

If the child is a bus rider, we again encourage parents to make sure their child is dressed appropriately. We also encourage parents to let the child wait in the car with them until the bus comes (or, again, make arrangements so that several children can wait together in one car). Our buses will be ready and warm for our morning and afternoon bus routes. If any bus is delayed, we will send out an alert call and text message to families on the affected bus route. 

Outside recess and gym classes are only held if the weather allows.

Being in school is important for many reasons, including that instructional time is valuable to all students. We must work together to ensure students arrive at school safely ready to learn.

Dressing for Cold Weather