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Pride & Promise Foundation Awards $16,221 for Special Learning Projects

The Prize Patrol surprised 2019 Ritenour Teacher of the Year Shenee McCoy with $2,207 for her grant submission "Empowering Student Voices with Design Thinking, Blogging and Podcasting"The Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation awarded 11 grants to teachers from seven Ritenour schools totaling $16,221 on Oct. 11, 2019 for special student learning projects:

  • Stephanie Phillips, a preschool teacher at Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education, received a $543 grant for a robot and associated materials that teach the beginning stages of coding.
  • Heather Gehner, a kindergarten teacher at Buder Elementary, received a $1,736 for a variety of tools and materials that will help kindergartners and English Language Learner students in grades K-2, improve their fine motor skills.
  • Jennifer Halderman, an art teacher at Buder Elementary, received a grant for $552 for paints that fifth graders will use to paint ceiling tiles as part of the school’s Legacy Art Project.
  • Sheneé McCoy, a fifth grade teacher at Kratz Elementary, received a grant for $2,208 for two iPad Pros, an online news subscription, microphones and acoustic booths that will allow students to do research global issues and create their own blogs and podcasts.
  • Michelle Sagakhaneh, Amy Germain, Kristina Erby-Carr and Tammy Schmitz, first grade teachers at Marion Elementary, received a 2,268 grant for an online math program that students can use in school and at home.
  • Kathleen Browner, a music teacher at Marvin Elementary, received a $2,500 grant for five new violins and bows for the school’s strings program.
  • Heidi Lesinski, fifth grade teacher at Marvin Elementary, received a $1,081 grant for an indoor vegetable tower garden for students to learning about aeroponic gardening and enjoying homegrown vegetables.
  • Stacey Bray and Lauren Hager, Wyland Elementary’s interventionists, received a $1,440 eight Chromebooks that will be used for reading, math and language intervention activities.
  • Stacey Frey, a second grade teacher at Wyland Elementary, received a $364 grant for headphones that all Wyland second graders can use with Chromebooks in school while they learn reading and math skills.
  • Sydney Trusty, Molly Newman, Jill Bluhm and Erica Largent, fifth grade teachers at Wyland Elementary, received a $1,029 grant for literature sets that represent a variety of historical periods that align with fifth grade social studies and English language arts curriculum.
  • Maggie Drummond, Jeff Leonard and Brenda Westmayer, seventh grade science teachers at Hoech Middle School, received a $2,500 grant for 10 microscopes to expand science investigations for students.

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Since the Pride & Promise Foundation formed in January 2011, it has provided more than $100,000 in grants to Ritenour educators that have improved educational resources for thousands of students.

The Foundation is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization that supports education in Ritenour. The organization was established to provide supplemental funding for programs to enhance the educational excellence of the district. Learn more about the Foundation.