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Ritenour Celebrates School Board Recognition Week Feb. 14-20

During the week of Feb. 14, 2021, Ritenour joins communities from across Missouri in honoring the dedicated service of boards of education during the School Board Recognition Week.

Join us in thanking each of our Ritenour Board of Education members who devote countless volunteer hours year-round to serve and lead the Ritenour community. Since the pandemic began impacting schools in March 2020, the Ritenour Board of Education has spent more than 86 hours in meetings during unprecedented changes in how the district reaches and teaches its 6,300-plus students, and meets the needs of staff, families and the community. 

During the past 12 months, the board has listened and responded to concerns and challenges from dozens of staff, parents, students and community members regarding full virtual and in-person hybrid options for students at different times based on the severity of spread of COVID-19 in the community.

Superintendent Dr. Chris Kilbride said the Ritenour Board of Education has kept the district moving forward during the pandemic and has seamlessly transitioned from in-person to virtual meetings as needed to make sure the business of the district was not interrupted.

“We are grateful for their continued flexibility, grit, leadership and dedication to our community as we respond to the challenges of the pandemic while keeping our focus on our students and staff,” said Kilbride. “Each of them are parents or grandparents of Ritenour students and have a vested interest in making the best decisions for our community.”

The 2020-2021 Ritenour School District Board of Education members are:

Jennifer Lohnes - President

Dr. M. Stacey Albin-Wilson – Vice President

Penny Degardin - Director

Lisa Glover-Jones- Director

Ruth Bell Greco – Director

Orlando Lewis, Jr. – Director

Dr. Brad Thomas – Director

Kayla Anne Baker, RHS Class of 2021 - Student Representative

Janiya Scott, RHS Class of 2022 - Student Representative

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