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Ritenour Students Make their Voices Heard in Nov. 6, 2018 Kids Voting Election

Ritenour students participated in Kids Voting through Nov. 6. Ritenour School District students received a first-hand look at our nation’s election process through the Kids Voting program over the past few weeks by casting ballots online. More than 4,200 Ritenour students in kindergarten through 12th grade cast ballots in this year’s Kids Voting general election on Nov. 6, 2018. View photos of the school-wide elections.

Ritenour students in grades 4-12 re-elected Claire McCaskill as senator and Lacy Clay as their U.S. representative. Steve Stenger was re-elected as St. Louis County Executive. Ritenour students also passed the Clean Missouri, minimum wage and St. Louis Zoo ballot measures but defeated the fuel tax measure.

Below are results from Ritenour students, with the winners in bold:

  • U.S. Senate: Josh Hawley, 22 percent; Claire McCaskill, 62 percent; Japheth Campbell, 4 percent; Jo Crain, 5.5 percent; Craig O’Dear, 6 percent
  • U.S. Representative (District 1): Robert Vroman, 25 percent; Lacy Clay, 64 percent; Robb E. Cunningham, 11 percent
  • Missouri Auditor: Saundra McDowell, 22 percent; Nicole Galloway, 62 percent; Sean O’Toole, 7 percent; Don Fitz, 5 percent; Jacob Luetkemeyer, 4 percent
  • Missouri Senate (14th District): Brian Williams, 56 percent
  • Missouri Senate (24th District): Gregory B. Powers, 11 percent; Jill Schupp, 24 percent; Jim Higgins, 9 percent
  • Missouri Representative:

District 71: LaDonna Appelbaum, 21 percent; LaDonna Higgins, 10 percent

District 72: Bruce Buwalda, 11.5 percent; Doug Clemens, 13 percent

District 73: Raychel Proudie, 15 percent; Steven McKnight, 13 percent

District 85: Kevin L. Windham Jr., 7.5 percent

District 86: Maria N. Chappelle-Nadal, 8 percent

  • Louis County Executive: Paul Berry III, 42.9 percent; Steve Stenger, 43 percent; Nicholas “Nick” Kasoff, 7 percent; Andrew Ostrowski, 6.9 percent (note: Stenger won by 6 votes)
  • Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri): Yes, 61 percent; No, 39 percent.
  • Proposition B (Minimum Wage): Yes, 66 percent; No, 34 percent.
  • Proposition D (Fuel Tax): Yes, 38 percent; No, 62 percent.
  • Proposition Z (Zoo Tax): Yes, 64 percent; No, 36 percent.

Ritenour students in grades K-3 voted with a special ballot that asked questions about their favorite patriotic symbols and people, as well as if children should choose their own bedtime. Older elementary students helped read the ballots to pre-readers. Below are some of the results from Ritenour’s youngest students:

  • Favorite national symbol: U.S. Flag, 46 percent; Bald Eagle, 31 percent; The Liberty Bell, 6 percent; The Statue of Liberty, 17 percent
  • Favorite St. Louis landmark: The Gateway Arch, 40 percent; Busch Stadium, 17 percent; The St. Louis Zoo, 28.5 percent; Grants Farm, 14.5 percent
  • Favorite Past President: George Washington45 percent; Thomas Jefferson, 9 percent; James Madison, 7 percent; Abraham Lincoln, 39 percent
  • If you visited Washington, D.C., which landmark would you want to visit first: The Washington Monument, 37 percent; The Lincoln Memorial, 17 percent; Dinosaur Hall at the Smithsonian Museum of National History, 31 percent; The White House, 36 percent
  • (Special Ballot Issue) Should children be allowed to choose their own bedtime? Yes, 58 percent; No, 42 percent.

Ritenour was the first school district in Missouri to participate in Kids Voting in 1996. This year, approximately 100,000 students throughout Missouri in grades K-12 cast ballots. Kids Voting is a national, nonprofit program designed to promote voter participation and to educate children about the voting process.

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