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Ritenour Announces New Standards for Early Dismissal of Students

Strong student attendance is critical to the academic success of every student in the Ritenour School District. Every minute a child is missing from school counts. 

As a district, we are making a focused effort to minimize distractions and disruptions to learning at the end of the school day. 

Beginning Nov. 26, early dismissal/pickups for all students will end 25 minutes before the end of the day at all schools – except for emergencies.    

The latest time students will be released for early dismissal/pickups at each grade level is listed below:

  • Middle Schools:  1:50 p.m.
  • Ritenour High School:  2:30 p.m.
  • Elementary Schools:  3 p.m.

When a child leaves school before the regular dismissal time, he/she must be excused by the office staff at their school. If possible, please let the school office know in advance if there is a change to your child’s arrival or dismissal routine. 

Ritenour is committed to preparing students for future success in college, the military or their career. Student attendance matters for academic performance at all grade levels. Regular class attendance builds the essential skills students need to be successful in school.