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Ritenour Musicians and Singers Selected for E. Desmond Lee Honor Performances

Several Ritenour High School and middle school musicians and singers were selected to participate the in the prestigious E. Desmond Lee Festivals in early February at the Touhill Center at University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Performing in the E. Desmond Lee High School Concert on Feb. 5 from Ritenour High School are band members: Marco Urbina, trumpet; Madison Moyle, French horn; Clarissa Gaona-Romero, clarinet; Davis Volpitto, alto sax; Caroline West and Christina Doherty, flute.
RHS Desmond Lee Honors Band

Orchestra students are: Maria Castillo Vega, Haley Knarr, Edwin Lopez and Daniela Saenz, violin; Jada Freeman, viola; Maxine Bee and Cesar Rangel, cello; Gavin Lewis, bass. 
RHS Desmond Lee Honors Orchestra

Performing in the Des Lee Honors Choir are: Trystan Bell, Dianna Godoy, Nathan Whinery, Justin Saunders, Max McVay, Yazime Kibble, Erik Perkins and Sam Allen.
RHS Desmond Lee Honors Choir

The Middle School Des Lee Festival concerts will be held on Feb. 6.

From Ritenour Middle School, band members who were selected are: Ava Haller and Laila Peal, clarinet; James Edwards, tenor saxophone; Gracie O'Guin, flute; Sebastian Gehm, tuba; Timarah Hankins, French horn; Yusuf Majeed-Ali, trumpet.
RMS Desmond Lee Honors Band

Selected for the choir are: Nadyah Majeed-Ali, Lauren Suthers, Sharon Baker El, Breann Bowley, Corey Franklin and Gabrien Jones.

RMS 8th-Grade Des Lee Choir  RMS 6th-Grade Des Lee Choir

Honors Orchestra students who are performing are: Roi Mundin, Taylor Rowald, Andy Vo, Chloe Sapp, Layla Fouche, violin; Elizabeth Dobbs, viola; Caitlyn Bell, cello.
HMS Desmond Lee Honors Orchestra

Hoech Middle School’s E. Desmond Lee Honors Choir contingent includes: Chloe Christophel, Brock Hernandez, Kamryn Hufstedler, Dontrail Mason, Chrisean Stomer and Karina Whitfield. Honors Orchestra students for this performance are: Charlotte Pryer, Hannah Slaven, Alyssa Schickedanz, Autumn Cross, Darris Miller, violin; Savannah Gaffney and America Calva.
HMS Desmond Lee Honors Choir