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Ritenour Celebrates National School Counseling Week

Ritenour High School college and career counselor Julie Kampschroeder talks to a student. As part of National School Counseling Week, Feb. 4-8, 2019, Ritenour School District celebrates school counselors who make a difference in the lives of students and families. Ritenour has 20 school counselors who work closely with students and their families in each of the district’s six elementary schools, two middle schools, Ritenour High School and the Ritenour International Welcome Center.

“Our school counselors provide the extra social and emotional support that students need to be successful in school and plan for their futures in college, career or the military,” said Julie Hahn, assistant superintendent for data, intervention and student support. “Every day, our counselors are helping our students solve problems and make good decisions. They also are strengthening relationships with their building’s staff members and our students’ families, and creating partnerships with community organizations and businesses. They truly are a vital part of each school community.”

Counselors and professionals from youth organizations also support Ritenour students. They include: Youth in Need, Youth in Need RiSe, Safe Connections, Jewish Family Services, Bilingual International Assistant Services, St. Francis, CHADS Coalition, Epworth Children & Family Services, the Wyman Center, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse-St. Louis chapter, and Preferred Family Health.

Ritenour’s school counselors are:
Jeremy Kane and Chaun Tate, Buder Elementary
Sarah Epstein-Levi and Angela Wiese, Iveland Elementary
Carla Theiss and Elizabeth Winters, Kratz Elementary
Demetra Crocker and Angela Wiese, Marion Elementary
Jeremy Kane and Kim Weber-Dennigmann, Marvin Elementary
Donna Cain & Elizabeth Winters, Wyland Elementary
Leah Jones and Brad Black, Hoech Middle School
Matthew Berry and Kim Sagakhaneh, Ritenour Middle School
Bethany Buescher, Shauna Cunningham, Dina Durnin, Julie Kampschroeder, Cabrina Noonan, Jaime Sansoucie and Lindsey Webster, Ritenour High School
Jaime Sansoucie, International Welcome Center

Ritenour’s counselors work closely with the district’s valued social workers, who are: Lori Brok, Kathy Collier, Karen Coughlin, Gayle Giancola, Stephanie Gillen, Sadie Leyh-Pierce, Rachel Prewitt and Keaton Strong.