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Ritenour Senior Recognized for Poetry by Danforth Plant Science Center

RHS senior Natanael Mendez Torres (middle) with Dr. Ruth Kaggwa on his right and Dr. Terry Woodford-Thomas from the Donald Danforth Plant Science CenterRitenour High School senior Natanael Mendez Torres was honored for his poetry by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

The poem, entitled “Growth,” was one of the top creative writing pieces in the center’s Plants and Plant Science-All Things Considered creative writing contest. As one of the top five winners, Mendez Torres was honored on March 14 with recognition items and a public reading of his poem at a reception at the Danforth Plant Science Center.

Below is his award-winning poem:



One day out of many

Not similar to any other day

Seeds start to skydive

From the hand of a farmer that went along his way

The seeds land in their drop point expecting themselves

To work through the trenches of the soil present before them


A minute later the soil starts to cover the seeds

Slowly the seed starts to say his last words to his friends, to bid them farewell

As the seed is being buried alive, he realizes something strange

He started to break through the shell that concealed him from his true potential

Gradually the water that seeped down through the soil

Gave him the strength to break through the top layer of nutrients that kept him down

The first beam of light gave the seed’s green potential a delight


After Days of growing the ex seed realized he was now something greater

Something that blossomed with triangle like petals, with a yellow shine from the sun

But still with a soldier like manner, he salutes and follows the sun each time it comes

Which made him the best of an army, like the sunflower he became, his task was done