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RHS Provides Additional Academic Supports for Athletes & Students in State-Sanctioned Activities

Swimming Ritenour High School student athletes and those involved in state-sanctioned activities will be getting additional academic supports and monitoring to help them stay competitive in their extracurriculars while meeting the district’s 2.0 GPA minimum standard.

The Ritenour Board of Education at its Aug. 22, 2019 meeting revised a policy adopted in 2018 to better serve Ritenour High School student athletes. The policy exceeds academic eligibility standards for high school students involved in athletics and activities sanctioned by the Missouri State High School Athletics & Activities Association (MSHSAA).

According to the district policy, RHS students must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA as part of their commitment to school athletics or activities sanctioned by MSHSAA. The revisions approved on Aug. 22 outline three levels of academic support when GPA’s fall below 2.0, as indicated on interim progress reports (IPR) for student athletes and those involved in band, choir, orchestra, cheer and dance (Rhythmettes), and speech and debate.

The three levels of monitoring and support are:

  • Level 1- Identification Period: This occurs when a student has an initial IPR that shows a GPA under 2.0: Students will be placed in academic support sessions, which are afterschool study sessions with tutors available. Students are allowed to compete in their sport or perform in their MSHSAA activity.
  • Level 2- Probation: This occurs when a student receives a second consecutive IPR with a GPA under 2.0. Students continue attending academic support sessions with additional recognition that athletic/activity eligibility is at stake. Students are allowed to compete in their sport or perform in their activity.
  • Level 3 – Down Period: This occurs when the student has a third consecutive IPR with a GPA under 2.0. Students continue academic support sessions but lose eligibility to compete in their sport or perform in their activity until they meet a 2.0 GPA at their next progress report.

Students who are assigned to academic support will spend the first hour after school two days a week in a study session and then will join their team for the remainder of practice. Once students who are in academic support bring their GPA up to 2.0 or above as indicated on an IPR, eligibility is immediately reinstated.

Coaches and MSHSAA activity sponsors will be monitoring academic progress of all their students throughout the school year. The revisions to the policy allow students to receive additional support and return to competition sooner, said RHS Athletics Director Drew Lohnes.

“We want our student athletes to be competitive both on and off the field,” Lohnes said. “Our coaches will be reiterating this message and improve communication with parents to strengthen our commitment to the success of students so they have greater opportunities to continue their passions after high school.”  

Talented high school students with higher GPAs, good citizenship and good attendance have a higher probability of getting recruited with scholarships in college, Lohnes said.