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Ritenour’s Talented Musicians & Vocalists Shine in Winter Honors Concerts

Ritenour School District had more than 60 talented middle and high school musicians and vocalists who were selected to perform in multiple honors concerts this winter, including the 2020 Bi-State Band festival and St. Louis Suburban Music Educators Association All-Suburban Honor concerts in early January 2020. Additional honor concerts include the E. Desmond Lee performances at the Touhill Performing Arts Center on Feb. 4-5.

Ritenour High School had eight band students, the most in the school’s history in one year, who performed in the highly selective Bi-State Honor Band Festival at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in early January. More than 450 students from approximately 50 regional high schools were nominated but only 240 were selected. The RHS group included: Alissa Smith and Christina Doherty, flute; Howard Slaven, bass clarinet; Adam Rowald, alto sax; Charlayne Challans, tenor sax; Jared Both, trumpet; Caleb Deckard, French horn; Jonathan Loane, tuba.

Bi-State Honor Band

RHS orchestra students who performed in the High School All-Suburban Orchestra Concert in early January were: Maxine Bee, cello, and Daniela Saenz, violin.

Hoech Middle School’s All-Suburban Treble Choir members who performed earlier this month were: Lily Norman, Karina Whitfield, Alejandra Arango, Kya Merriman, Kamryn Hufstedler and Audrey Stuvland; Mixed Honor Choir members are: Brock Hernandez, Mia Poplar and Chayl Brantley

HMS Treble Choir

Hoech Mixed Honors Choir

Ritenour Middle School’s All-Suburban students in the Honor Treble Choir were: Camari Jackson, Nadyah Majeed-Ali, A'Jaunti Rice, Lauren Suthers and Nory Yescas; members of the Mixed Honor Choir were: Ardaria Booker, Tessa Collier, Peyton House, Dillon Johnson and Ti'lyhr Manning.

Ritenour students who will be performing in the upcoming E. Desmond Lee concerts are:

Ritenour Middle School:

  • Honor Choir: Meghan Bogan, Jordin Carraway, Tatiana Floyd, Skye Hernandez, Sophia Hershberger, Dillon Johnson, Diamond Kincaide, Jaeda Love and Ti'lyhr Manning.
  • Honor Orchestra: violin -- Semira Belay, Margaret Susovica, and Amareona Muhammad, Violin; viola- Darryl Young and Antonio Bryant; cello- O'Daisha Innman and Allison Madrid.
  • Honor Band: Brianna Eaton, Hope Rone and Vince Dungo, clarinet; Jonathan Barreda-Munoz, trumpet; Holden Myers, baritone; Reagan Roach, alto sax.

RMS Des Lee Orchestra

RMS Des Lee Band

Hoech Middle School:

  • Honors Choir: Lania Davis, Je'Riya Thomas, Dayana Santos, Kendyl Whitehorn and Tedshawn Cornell
  • Honor Orchestra: Alyssa Farmer, bass; Anna Galvin and Na'kiala Porter, cello; Francisco Mendieta and Cailan Wooten, 1st violin; Kori Ortiz, 2nd violin; Destiny Ragel and Faith Wilson, viola

Ritenour High School:  

  • Honor Band:Alissa Smith and Christina Doherty, flute; Howard Slaven bass clarinet; Jared Both, trumpet; Caleb Deckard, French horn
  • Honor Orchestra: Mackenzie Davis, Jasper Chandler and Jada Freeman, viola; Edwin Lopez Leal, violin; Abigail Richardson, cello; Gavin Lewis, bass

RHS Des Lee Band

RHS Des Lee Orchestra