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Ritenour High School’s Student Newspaper Earns First Place International Honors

The Pepper Box issues Ritenour High School’s student newspaper, The Pepper Box, received the International First Place Award from the International Quill and Scroll Society, a student journalism honor society.

This year’s award recognizes the outstanding Pepper Box news content from the 2019-2020 school year. The student newspaper received a Quill & Scroll first place award only one other time in the last 11 years. 

Additionally, KRHS Radio’s podcast series, Talking About iGeneration, earned the International Third Place Award. 

Ron Steinschriber, an RHS journalism teacher and Pepper Box sponsor, said he is proud of the student journalists who worked hard at developing high quality hard news, features and editorials that were complemented by excellent photos and graphics to tell their stories.

The Pepper Box staff is filled with students who care about their community, and I think that was evident in the feedback that we received,” said Steinschriber. “We made it a focus last year to not only report on real issues being faced by members of our school community and the community at large, but also to shine a light on how those issues are being addressed and how positive outcomes can arise from difficult situations. 

“To receive this ranking, especially in light of how COVID affected the end of last school year, is especially uplifting as we try to navigate how to continue this work in the virtual setting.”

Quill & Scroll judges gave The Pepper Box a superior rating for its general practices, and excellent ratings for its coverage, writing and editing, and visuals. 

The Quill and Scroll judges noted in their review of The Pepper Box:

The Pepper Box is so thoughtful and considerate of its readers. By telling students’ stories and offering up suggestions on how we can take care of ourselves so that we can take better care of each other, The Pepper Box creates a sense of solace. 

 “Reading it is like talking with a friend who genuinely wants the best for you. By reading it, I really get a sense of the difficulties your student body faces and what’s important to people at your school. You’re being very courageous in the topics you focus on.”

RHS senior Faith Boyd will lead this year’s staff as content editor-in-chief. She said the feedback from the judges affirmed the hard work and passion of The Pepper Box staff.

“I believed in us 100 percent and knew our staff was good, but for a prestigious institution to confirm that was very satisfying,” said Boyd. "Over the years our staff size has increased massively, and I love that we have so many people working on The Pepper Box

“Every person contributes something different and seems to enjoy what they do, so I think that passion is what’s made our newspaper grow so much. I’m confident in our work and I‘m excited to see how it evolves even more this year.”

Members of the award-winning 2019-2020 staff were:

Kayla Baker, Maxine Bee, Kristyn Bills, Torin Blevans, Boyd (Social Media Manager), Kaitlyn Broomfield, Christopher Campos, Jersie Cox, Isabella Crawford-Greer, Mackenzie Davis (Photography Editor), Edward Dueker, Austyn Elliott, Michelle Everett, Samia Fouche, Jordan Fritzsche (A&E Co-editor), Darleen Garcia (A&E Co-editor),Tyrell Gilwater, Brianna Graham, Lizbeth Hernandez, Nikya Hourd, Alberto Linares-Cervantes (Sports Editor), Samantha Lewis, Miranda Martin, Elena Martin, Catalina Mundin (Production Editor-in-Chief), Jessica Murillo, Amelia Norman (Spotlight Editor), Kayley Norman, Chloe Pagan (Opinion Editor), Caroline Ramos-Herrera (Content Editor-in-Chief), Abigail Richardson (Visual Editor-in-Chief), Kaylyn Riggs, Andrea Rojo (Special Editions Editor), Daniela Saenz (News Editor), Cam’ron Spratt, Veronica Susovica, Toni Taylor, Kimberly Teoli, Kennedi Terri, Peter Tran, Quynh Trinh (Business Editor), Samantha Wagner, Heaven Watson, and Caroline Wong (Online Editor).